CTIG Starts the Sale of Ready-Made "Box" Solutions for Business

Developer and operator of computer games for corporate sector CT Influence Games (CTIG), offers companies the option of purchasing complete training simulations. You can already order the corporate industrial safety case "Oil rig explosion" from the store. The comprehensive case for sales manager trainings for the B2B segment "B2B Sales", will be ready to use very soon. The case regarding industrial safety and labor protection "Basic principles of industrial safety", is also in the final stages.


Boxed simulations with the best practices, and experience of professionals are much cheaper than individual simulations. However, they retain the high-quality standards of the product and customer support from the developer. This proposal is particularly important for small teams, or a set of groups that have the need for quality training, but have no additional staff nor the desire to involve expensive in-person trainers.


The simulation for sales professionals by the famous coach Eugene Vyatkin "B2B Sales" puts a player in conditions faced by most salespeople: gaining the trust of decision makers, recruitment of secretaries, correct telephone conversations and a fair amount of tweaking of things at every stage of negotiations. The scenario writers gathered in this universal tool, the most troublesome obstacles for salespeople. More importantly, they gave the correct answers among others, with an emphasis on building mutually beneficial relationships and navigating the nebulous intrigues of contract signing.


"Basic principles of industrial safety" is the standard manual for corporations that seek to reduce workplace safety hazards. The player should investigate incidents on each short stage, and draw the appropriate conclusions. The purpose of the case, is to achieve a clear understanding of workers that ignoring the "banality of rules” leads to big troubles, fines, environmental damages and even the loss of human lives, despite the apparent obviousness and simplicity of the rules and requirements. The simulation is suitable for use with not only in-house own staff, but also for training contractors’ teams on hazardous types of work at the facility.


CTIG creates products based on a single Business Games Club (BGC) platform, within HR-projects, corporate and industrial safety, compliance management, and change management. The "Boxed" solutions make business simulations more accessible to businesses of any size. However, as practice shows, this tool gives you benefits that are priceless: empathy, involvement, trust and a deep understanding of employees.


"Boxed" solutions work as they normally do at BGC simulation platform. You can buy them wholesale through the online store at https://play.ctigames.com using the "wholesale purchase" option. Other public cases are also available for wholesale purchase with a discount. If the automated purchase is inconvenient, we would be happy to assist in a manual mode with the necessary documents.