CT Influence Games team developed a simulation about turquoise companies for E-Learning Development Fund and TealTech Capital Fund

This is the first CTIG project aimed to create the product for open use in a large learning ecosystem, not inside a customer company.

The team of authors and screenwriters came up with how to teach interactively the course participants to work with the fears of introducing a turquoise management paradigm. Above all, how to work with the beliefs and objections of employees. The player is the initiator of changes towards the turquoise style of management. His task in simulation is to influence a person and help with turquoise organization concept advantages understanding, simply to persuade someone to pass to new rules. During several stages of the simulation, the character must understand the opponent's or colleague's objections, determine the fears, risks, motives underlying the objections, and then propose the introduction of the turquoise management paradigm taking into account these counterarguments, sources of fear.

The training game will be included in the joint course on companies of a new type for training clients of the ELDF and TealTech.

"Unlike classical business, in a new evolutionary turquoise model, everything is based on self-management – all employees of the organization are responsible and influence the adoption of daily and management decisions. Key features of this approach differs from the traditional. It's not so simple to switch to new rules. Simulation CTIG helps to overcome the difficulties of perception and fears of transition from the usual style of doing business to a new one", – said Alexander Tolkach, CT Influence Games CEO.

"ELDF has been creating projects of mass online training on modern management practices for 5 years. There are more than 100 developed MOOKs – 40+ for the Coursera platform, 30+ for the Open Education platform and Stepik in our portfolio, 14 corporate universities, 30 courses are awaiting publication, – Alexander Kuptsov, General Director of ELDF, – The purpose of the course, which we are preparing in partnership with CTIG and TealTech – promotion of the turquoise paradigm. During theoretical online learning, people usually do not have enough experience before practice in the workplace. Competent electronic business simulation compensates this shortcoming of the usual online training and stimulates to use theory in practice – to solve real cases and tasks of negotiations".


Venture fund "TealTech Capital" is the first venture fund in Russia, built as a turquoise organization. The fund invests in client-oriented businesses  with the principles of honesty, openness and feedback, implementing modern management practices. There are more than 20 pilot projects of young entrepreneurs in the fund's portfolio. The evolutionary goal says that everyone who has entrepreneurial talent should get the opportunity to implement it. The local task of the fund is to support 10,000 entrepreneurs.

Fund website: www.tealtechcapitel.ru


"E-Learning Development Fund" is an accelerator of online courses and educational programs, allowing to receive a stream of courses with reproducible results of profitability due to technological development of all processes. builds an ecosystem for learning at all stages of the life cycle: from the idea and finding funds to support, sales and marketing.

Fund website: http://eldf.ru/