BizWorld is new collectible card game for mobile devices from CTIG team. It realistically simulates business environment. Player's task is to build the company's management system. And to create a team, which should capture most of the market in a few ‘business seasons’ in a competition with live opponent.


Simulations for corporate education


Companies – from small enterprises to global corporations – need understanding, engagement and empathy of teams. Current generation of employees lives in gadgets, values portability and focus on innovation. Why companies do not use these trends "for the good of the cause"? And we will help in this.

We create digital business simulation to save time and money for companies. At the same time, we effectively change behavioral patterns of employees, train sales and negotiation skills, corporate and industrial security. Also, we help in Change Management, compliance practices, HR-tasks.​


Business Games Club


We collected in Business Games Club platform entertainment and educational mini-games simulations based on real business cases and experiences of practicing businessmen, senior managers, owners of companies. BGC allows a wide audience to learn the best practices and acquire useful experience anytime and anywhere, whether within a team or individually. It may become an efficient tool for self-education and business coaching.